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What’s Faronics Wise?

A cloud-based Management Information System designed to maximise efficiency and reduce operational costs

The Communication features within Faronics Wise open up new channels for school staff, students and parents enabling everyone to inform, discuss, resolve and track all aspects of the school day.
Parent Engagement
Having the ability to communicate accurate and sometimes urgent information digitally to a parent gives the school office a tremendous advantage over paper and pen processes.
Collaborative Learning
The teaching and learning features within Faronics Wise enable an entire school to work cohesively providing teaching staff with a multitude of ways in which to impart information to their students.
Teaching Tools
From assessment, attendance, behaviour and progress to homework, group projects, extra-curricular activities and more; have the tools you need at your fingertips whenever and wherever you need them.
Behaviour Management
A sophisticated management module that allows schools to monitor and track both positive and negative behaviour.
Administrative Controls
Enable the school office to manage a wide variety of daily tasks, with a suite of comprehensive administration tools that ensures the school office can be efficient, compliant and up-to-date.
Data Management
Providing a very efficient, resilient and secure location for schools to centralise and digitise their data.
Manage extra-curricular activities and school clubs in a coherent and efficient manner.
Transport & Catering
Allowing schools to manage essential elements within their catering and transport divisions.
Special Education
Includes a number of provisioning tools and features that have been designed specifically with specialised education in mind.
Provides a number of key features within the platform that aid the requirement to safeguard students.
Statutory Reporting
Allows for robust and comprehensive reporting to all relevant parties. No need to search around in different databases or spread sheets. Have all the information you will ever need in one place.

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