How well does your MIS integrate with Google Classroom

14th May 2020

How well does your MIS integrate with Google Classroom?

Alongside the immense misery of coronavirus, there have been some winners. Manufacturers of hand sanitiser, flour and hairdressing scissors have enjoyed unexpected booms. On the school software front, an undoubted victor has been Google Classroom, successfully seeding UK schools with a free, easy-to-use and high-performance LMS that’s ideally positioned for the explosion of online education.

So it’s no surprise that with so many school leaders now convinced of the benefits of Google Classroom, their attention is now turning to how to get the maximum gain from existing systems alongside it. It’s embedded in school; it needs to work with rather than against other systems that are already embedded, so that the admin load of running a school is as small as it possibly can be.

Chief among those systems is the MIS. Every school uses software for the management and analytics of its key data, including attendance, behaviour, attainment and school reports. Schools using Faronics Wise can integrate seamlessly with Google Classroom – teachers, students and subjects are the same entities in both, which saves a huge volume of data entry and double-checking. When a new cohort of students arrive, you put them into one system and bingo, there they appear in the other. When taking attendance or writing reports for Year 3 Maths in Faronics Wise, it’s the same synchronised Year 3 Maths that you’re delivering your lessons with in Google Classroom. When you make a note in Google Classroom, it pulls through automatically to Faronics Wise.

As well as integrating with Google Classroom to deliver a unified teaching experience, Faronics Wise also makes life far less fiddly by integrating with Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, and Google Docs. If you like Google, you’ll love Faronics Wise.

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