Managing remote learning during the Coronavirus crisis

19th March 2020

In these unprecedented times, 25000 UK headteachers are having to battle multiple crises brought on by the Coronavirus epidemic, making huge life-changing decisions on the hoof in a rapidly changing context.

Among the immediate problems with no easy solutions: which staff members work when; how to protect the health of those staff members; what to teach groups of children of key workers and children with EHCPs; and how to manage teacher assessment in place of GCSEs and A levels.

In the medium to longer term, focus will switch to the education of the 90% of the school population not at school, as remote learning suddenly becomes the new normal. How do you maintain a functioning school, and deliver a high-quality education, when your pupils aren’t in it?

Our management information system was born in the cloud, and is perfectly equipped for the challenge. Schools using our platform have everything set up for a seamless transition.

If you want your students to carry on following their regular school timetable, they can do so; you can place whatever resources you like on each slot, so that students can be clear about what they are learning and how to do so. Teachers can set and mark individual assignments, or shared projects on which students can readily collaborate. Our single-sign on functionality allows straightforward click-through to digital resources such as Bug Club or Purple Mash.

Parental communication is always important anyway, but has now become absolutely crucial in an era of parents at home during the daytime, supervising learning. We allow you to send SMS and email to particular groups of parents at the click of a button, directly from the platform, alongside the ‘News’ area of the site which can be used for messages affecting everyone. Worried parents, eager for information and eager to help, can log in themselves to see what work has been assigned to their children; if you want parents to be able to contact teachers when they’re unsure how to teach a particular topic, you can set up the internal messenger for free-flowing dialogue.

Our early access programme allows schools to see these benefits for themselves, before making a firm financial commitment. Please drop us a line at discuss how we can help you.

Tom Guy, Product Manager, Faronics Wise

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