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Efficiency and performance that reaches way beyond the classroom itself.

The Classroom is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Anyone who’s ever worked in an educational institution will know that there is a lot more to education than teaching and learning. Faronics Wise is a fully integrated, feature-rich cloud platform, which has been specifically designed to automate and modernize every aspect of the educational process. By consolidating, digitizing and centralizing a large number of everyday requirements, schools can operate fluidly and efficiently ensuring everyone can concentrate on what is most important … teaching and learning!


The Communication features within Faronics Wise open up new channels for school staff, students and parents enabling everyone to inform, discuss, resolve and track all aspects of the school day. Push messaging is a key feature within Faronics Wise as it allows everyone in the school to receive instant information. This helps to safeguard students and improve communication between the school and families. Schools love Faronics Wise communication features because they reduce costs by unifying all communication within one platform.

Specific features include

SMS & Email   SMS & Email

Send single or bulk SMS or Email to parents, students or staff. Automate sending of SMS or Email based on certain events and criteria.

Integration   Integration

Integrate with Google Mail and Microsoft 365

Centralized Communication   Centralized Communication

Staff can communicate with all teachers or students with just one click, ensuring that all teachers are aware of any key issues surrounding a student.

Internal Messenger   Internal Messenger

Save costs on SMS by enabling instant messaging across Faronics Wise users. Push messaging to mobiles/tablets allows for instant notifications. Communicate efficiently by using bulk messaging, attachments and custom groups.

Parent Engagement

Having the ability to communicate accurate and sometimes urgent information digitally to a parent gives the school office a tremendous advantage over paper and pen processes. With Faronics Wise, parents can instantly access everything they need to know about their child's education at the click of a button. Faronics Wise increases efficiency and allows the school to get the best out of each student as parents can be involved in day to day notices and homework assignments. Faronics Wise also gives parents access to resources such as uniform rules, guidelines and governors' reports, allowing senior leadership teams the ability to ensure parents understand the ethos of the school.

Specific features include

Parent Portal   Parent Portal

Provide easy access, from any device, to all key information, including: attendance behaviour, homework, school resources and much more.

Internal Messenger   Internal Messenger

Ability to send messages directly to teachers and other stakeholders. Push Messaging in iOS and Android App allows users to be alerted instantly when the school contacts a parent.

Behaviour Management   Behaviour Management

Provide access to parents informing them of any incidents, sanctions and achievements.

Collaborative Learning​

The teaching and learning features within Faronics Wise enable an entire school to work cohesively providing teaching staff with a multitude of ways in which to impart information to their students. Teaching staff are able to share resources and plan the syllabus in real time as well as manage coursework, homework and timetables without using multiple applications:

Specific features include

Syllabus Management   Syllabus Management

Teachers can share syllabus and class planning to allow for a collaborative and cohesive approach to teaching and learning.

Teaching Tools

There is a comprehensive set of teaching tools within Faronics Wise that enable schools to manage all aspects of the classroom.

Specific features include

Recommendations   Recommendations

Ability to create recommendations for students that they can see via the student portal. Recommendations could include; pre-course reading, websites, books or any other material that can help a student in their academic pursuits.

Submission Box   Submission Box

Ability to set assignments electronically with defined timelines. Assignments can be uploaded directly into the submission box or linked from Office 365 and Google Drive. Students can submit assignments electronically via file upload straight from the student portal. Deadlines for assignments can be added automatically to student, staff and parent calendars.

Forums   Forums

Ability to create a forum for each class, allowing teachers to facilitate a discussion with students on chosen topics or subjects.

Self-Assessment Tests   Self-Assessment Tests

Ability to create online tests for students by creating banks of questions. Ability to randomise questions, weight questions and generate statistics on submitted tests.

Projects   Projects

Create work plans for individual groups and share links/resources. Ability for the teacher to assess individually or by group.

Rubrics   Rubrics

Ability to use Rubrics for teacher assessment, self-assessment and peer assessment.

Behaviour Management

The Faronics Wise Behaviour Management module allows schools to monitor both positive and negative behaviour.

Specific features include

Incidents   Incidents

Ability to create incidents including one or more students using school defined categories. Incidents can be created automatically based on defined parameters, for example; mobile phone use. Incidents can include behaviour points that are attributed to the student.

Achievements   Achievements

Ability to create achievements using school-defined categories. Achievements can include behaviour points that are attributed to the student.

Sanctions   Sanctions

Ability to create sanctions including: detentions, suspension and exclusions. Includes the ability to create a detention timetable for teachers.

Reporting   Reporting

Ability to generate statistics based on incidents, achievements and behaviour points.

Communication   Communication

Ability to notify parents and families automatically based on certain criteria.

Administration Controls

With a suite of comprehensive administration tools that enable the school office to manage a wide variety of daily tasks, Faronics Wise ensures the school office can be efficient, compliant and up-to-date.

Specific features include

Reception Notices   Reception Notices

Ability to create an electronic notice regarding a student that automatically notifies the relevant teacher. Includes the ability to auto populate the register with absences and late attendance.

Room Booking   Room Booking

Ability to book and manage rooms and synchronise to the calendar. Includes the ability to see which rooms are available, and the ability for booking approvals.

Inventory Management   Inventory Management

Ability to book and manage inventory. Includes the ability to see which inventory is available, and the ability for booking approvals. Inventory can be defined by schools and could include: projectors, iPads etc.

Documentation Management   Documentation Management

Robust documentation management that includes the ability to store and manage all documentation types. Includes the ability to use public folders, attach documentation to individual students' files, create class folders and synchronise with Office 365 and Google Drive.

Staff attendance   Staff attendance

Ability to manage staff attendance for either individual sessions, days, or a defined period.

Cover module   Cover module

Ability to assign substitute teachers to cover for staff absence. Includes ability to dynamically update the timetable of the substitute teacher and provide access to relevant syllabus and class planning.

Data Management

Faronics Wise provides a very efficient, resilient and secure location for schools to centralize and digitise their data.

Specific features include

Digitisation   Digitisation

Ability to upload and attach key documentation, such as: EHCP forms, IEPs documents and medical files, to a single student's folder.

Centralization   Centralization

Ability to centralize key data in one web location removing the requirement to manage and maintain the upkeep of expensive computer hardware locally.

Unification   Unification

A unified cloud-based solution that ensures that student and staff data is always live and that the relevant information is accessible whenever it's required.

Extra-Curricular Management

Faronics Wise allows schools to manage all their extra-curricular activities and clubs in a coherent and efficient manner.

Specific features include

Create activities   Create activities

Ability to create activities and assign one or more supervisors. This includes the ability to create timetables for all activities, assign a cost if required, and generate lists of registered students.

Register attendance   Register attendance

Ability to register attendance of students in extra-curricular activities, includes the ability to take attendance offline using the Faronics Wise App.

Set prices   Set prices

Set prices for extra-curricular activities which may be provided by a third party.

Evaluate and Assess   Evaluate and Assess

Ability to assess extra-curricular activities like an academic subject.

Add to student timetable   Add to student timetable

Add extra-curricular activities to a registered student’s timetable.

Parental Access   Parental Access

Ability for parents and families to see which activities their children have registered for, and all recorded attendance.

Transport & Catering Management

Faronics Wise allows a school to manage elements of catering and transport provision. The transport module allows the ability to manage buses and taxis with associated routes and stops. The catering module allows the ability to create custom menus, take attendance and track school-defined catering parameters.

Specific features include:
The Transport module allows the ability to manage buses and taxis with associated routes and stops.

Create custom menus   Create custom menus

Create a number of custom menus, for example: vegetarian, halal, kosher etc.

Take catering attendance   Take catering attendance

Ability to take attendance of students in the dining hall. Includes ability for parents to access attendance data.

Set custom catering parameters   Set custom catering parameters

Ability to define and track custom catering parameters. For example: fruit selected, main meal selection etc.

Manage minibuses/taxis   Manage minibuses/taxis

Manage demand and supply of any school transport. Includes ability to create custom stops and assign each student to a specific stop.

Take attendance   Take attendance

Ability to take attendance on school transport to ensure students are present. This includes the ability for the parents to access attendance data to ensure that their child is on the bus.

Set prices   Set prices

Set prices for transport for generating invoices.

Special Education

Faronics Wise includes a number of provisioning tools and features that have been designed specifically with specialised education in mind.

Specific features include

Interventions   Interventions

Ability to create and manage interventions that allow schools to assign all stakeholders to an individual case. Includes the ability to assign costs against interventions for OFSTED compliance and to ensure interventions are cost effective.

Medicine Management   Medicine Management

Ability to assign medication to students which can then be viewed by all relevant staff. Includes the ability to generate reports on which students require medication in a given time period.

Questionnaires   Questionnaires

Ability to create custom behavioural and medical questionnaires to ensure all stakeholders have the required information to make informed decisions.

Remote Learning   Remote Learning

Ability to use teaching tools to provide access to students who are unable to attend school. This ensures that the students can remain part of the class and continue on the same academic path as their peers.

Individual Timetables   Individual Timetables

Ability to create individual timetables for students who are taught in a one-to-one environment. This includes the ability for the teacher to manage the class as a group but still teach each student individually.


Faronics Wise has a number of features within the platform that aid the requirement to safeguard students. Communication is key when there are issues or concerns around a student's welfare so being able to act promptly is a necessity.

Specific features include

Student Documentation   Student Documentation

The ability to attach key documents to an individual's folder is imperative in ensuring the safeguarding of each student. Faronics Wise gives the ability to assign granular permissions to each document or folder to ensure that sensitive information is only displayed to the relevant stakeholders.

Parental Engagement   Parental Engagement

The ability for parents to see key information, including attendance at extra-curricular activities and on transport allows for greater safeguarding practices to be established.

Communication   Communication

The ability to communicate with all stakeholders using a variety of methods ensures that there is a constant, trackable dialogue between the school and the family.


Faronics Wise allows for robust and comprehensive reporting to all relevant parties.

Specific features include

Pupil Census   Pupil Census

The ability to generate Spring, Summer and Autumn Pupil Census returns in the DfE defined format. Faronics Wise includes an intuitive interface for compiling and generating Census returns.

Workforce Census   Workforce Census

The ability to generate Workforce Census returns in the DfE defined format. Includes granular permissions to ensure sensitive staff data is not accessible by all users.

General reporting   General reporting

The ability to create custom reports that are required day to day.

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